The New Office

After a month or so of working from home I’m back to working an office. This week I secured about 100 sqfeet of office space all to myself. It’s small and at the moment doesn’t even have a desk, but it’s got some nice windows and most importantly it’s quiet and my own space. I spent half a day working here yesterday and it was amazingly productive. Not having a desk has put some strain on my neck and back, but my work is getting done. It’s really nice.

It was awesome spending all day with my family and squeezing work between conversations with Amber and play time with Noah, but it’s nice to have some separation again. After just one day of having the office I already feel an emotional relief. Having a space I can go outside of the house and have a good chunk of time to just work has made coming home a lot more enjoyable. I’m able to get home and just enjoy being home with out having to find some time to work. I just put in my time at the office and head home to enjoy the family.

This may seem to be contrary to the whole reason I wanted to freelance, but I think that it’s right inline with it. I wanted to be in control of my time and now I am. Granted I’m moving back to a more traditional way of working, but if I have things that need to get done that fall within the traditional work day I can still decide to do them. I don’t have to be at the office at any specific time but having a place I can just focus on work is very helpful.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how much of the work paradigm needs to shift. How far away from traditional work situations should I get and what parts if any should I embrace. I guess all life needs some structure, well at least my life. More on this later…