Top 10 Firefox Smart Keyword Bookmarks

Firefox Smart Keyword are keywords attached to bookmarks which you can then use to activate them. So for example instead of typing in the address bar you could just type “g”. And you can go a step further you can add a variable to the url which can be handy for searches. So using the example if you wanted to do a search the url would look something like this: To use the variable feature you would edit the bookmark and change the url to this: Then (assuming your keyword is ‘g’) you could just type “g {search term}” into your address bar and it would execute the search.

There are a lot of applications for this and with the ever increasing amount of javascript bookmarklets the fun has just begun. Here are my top 10 smart keyword, obviously some of these would require you to sign up for the service being discussed. The bookmarklets are being display as links due to display issues, to snag them just right click and copy the link location or bookmark it.

1. Lorem Ipsum
keyword: lorem
Takes you to 5 paragraphs of dummy text, done.

keyword: dl {search term}
Allows you to search your delicious bookmarks.

keyword: wp {search term}
Searching of

keyword: ama {search term}

5. Twitter
keyword: tw {username or blank for your home}
Look up a twitter users’ profile or leave blank to access your twitter home page.

6. PeqURL
url: PeqURL bookmarklet
keyword: purl
Shorten the url that you’re currently viewing, complete with a super slick thickbox-esque window.

7. (save for later)
url: LaterLoop bookmarklet
keyword: later
Save the current page you’re on for later reading.

8. Add to
url: Mixx bookmarklet
keyword: mixx
Add the page you’re currently on to

9. coComment tracking
url: coComment Bookmarklet
keyword: comment
After you’ve written your comment but before you submit it, trigger this keyword to track it on coComment.

10. Localhost
url: http://localhost:8888/%s
keyword: lh {site directory name}
I keep all my projects I’m working in my local htdocs folder, this allows me to access them quickly rather than typing out the entire url. Works well if you develop locally.

Leave a comment with the ones you use the most!

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  1. Awesome list. I must admit I never even knew about those Bookmark keyword things, at least not in FireFox (I do use them in Opera).

    Also, thanks for the plug for PeqURL. Glad you are enjoying it.

  2. Thanks for mentioning cocomment. As you said, the list is composed of sites and services to make your life easier. coComment makes tracking comments, and responding to them easy and fast.
    Integrating with us is very simple also, and your content will be shared with our entire community 3.5M and counting.


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