Lorem Ipsum Bookmarklet

My thought was to create a bookmarklet that would insert a block of dummy filler text (Lorem Ipsum) in the input you currently have in focus.  This would come in handy when testing form submission.  I’ve been trying to figure out a way to do this for quite some time now without any luck.  This is in part due to my inexperience in javascript and the lack of support for this functionality in most browsers.  After a day of failed attempts I decided to get some other (and greater) minds on it to see if it could be done.  I tweeted the issue to see if anyone had any ideas.

A friend and colleague David LeMieux has made some significant progress on this bookmarklet and has released it for all to use.  Unfortunately due to the aforementioned browser limitations this bookmarklet only works in Firefox 3 Beta 5.  But if that’s what you use for testing then it’s a great tool to add to the arsenal.

If any readers have any ideas on how to make this more cross browser compatible your suggestions and ideas are greatly appreciated.  This doesn’t seem to be a difficult thing to achieve, but it does require a more skilled developer than myself.

I want to give a big thanks to all that spent any amount of time trying to get this working.  A special shout out to David LeMieux and Ryan Cross for their help in thinking this through and for the time they spent making some great progress on it.

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  1. oh man.. I must have missed this tweet (along with several hundred others). I would have spent hours unsuccessfully trying to get this working. 😛

    Actually, it should really be all that hard, but it would be a little screen-scrapey (as the nice people at lipsum have yet to release any sort of API). I must have a look at the javascript during my “free time” .

    Great idea, btw! Should come in very handy, or at least be a very amusing toy 😉

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