Customer Service Done Right by Skitch

I’ve been using plasq‘s beta product skitch for quite awhile now and I could write a whole post on how amazing this little application is and it would only be the half of it.  But this post isn’t about the awesome product, it’s about the awesome customer service.

My experience is not unique, the most notable example is the Michael Arrington/Comcast incident, but it’s certainly new to me.  I can completely understand an internet celebrity like Michael Arrington getting special attention from companies, but seeing as I am most certainly NOT an internet celebrity (except perhaps to my 5 readers, and a bit thanks to you all) I can only assume that this is standard operating procedure for Plasq.

So here is what happened.  Yesterday morning I had a great opportunity to skitch something awesome.  I invoked and snagged said awesomeness but when I went to upload the skitch to share it, the application froze and crashed.  I assumed perhaps my mac was acting funny so I re-opened skitch and it tried again.  Same story.  So, twitter being the frustrations venting place of choice, I tweeted that skitch was crapping out on me and that I wasn’t super happy about it.

After the second time it crashed an update dialog popped up and after installing the updates skitch is back to working flawlessly.  But before that happened Brian Caldwell over at Plasq happened upon my frustrated tweet and went through the trouble of looking me up and sending me an email via the contact form on my website asking if there was anything he could do to help resolve my skitch issues.

For those of you who don’t know, skitch is in beta and absolutely free.  The fact that a company would spend the time to look up a nobody like me, dig through my website and email me asking if they could aid in resolving issues with a free product just blows me away.

It’s hard enough to get good customer service when you’re actively seeking it out, but when a company goes through the trouble of seeking you out when you indirectly voice an issue with their free product; now that’s excellent customer service.

Thanks again to Brian Caldwell and everyone else at Plasq for their commitment to their users and for creating awesome applications.

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  1. Wow, that’s pretty amazing! Now if Comcast would also do that.

    Tweet: “Comcast service is down again.”

    *phone rings*

    Comcast: “Mr. Cross, I noticed that you just send a message to twitter saying that your service is down. How can we help?”

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