is live!

Finally, we’ve soft launched  We’ve been working on this project for a few months now and we’re proud to finally have something that the general public can play with.  This is still a relatively early beta, but it’s functional!  So what is it?  BlueSwarm allows you to track your brand through online social media all in one place.  With BlueSwarm you can see what people are saying about your brand on Twitter and Blogs (many more services to come) all in one place.

Not only does BlueSwarm collect that information and display it in one easy to use location, we also do sentiment analysis and calculate an authority/popularity score (called a buzz score) for both the author and the item.  This way you can see what’s important to you.  You can sort by positive or negative items, by how popular the item is or by how authoritative the author.  That way you can get to the information that matters to you most, quickly and easily.

Once you have a chance to see what people are saying about your brand, you’ll want to be able to easily respond to these items to keep the conversation going.  BlueSwarm makes it easy to flag items for later follow up or to respond to them via twitter without having to leave the site (and we’re going to be adding even more ways to respond soon).

This is just the start.  We will be adding more services in the next few weeks, more ways to respond, display and interact with the data, as well as more ways to collaborate and share that data.  We hope that you find BlueSwarm useful, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly or anyone else on the BlueSwarm team if you have any questions, feature requests or bug reports.

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  1. A demo login would be nice – I’ve registered and am waiting for the email I need to confirm. And can’t do anything at all until then. And there isn’t even a link named “resend my confirmation email”.

    I do believe it’s very dangerous to keep people waiting. Especially if it feels like something just doesn’t work (if an email hasn’t arrived after 10 minutes, shall one continue to wait?).

  2. Thank you for letting me know! I apologize for the delay on receiving an email. We are experiencing some growing pains as we work out the kinks. I’ll be personally looking into this and I will contact you directly.

    Also, I agree we should have a ‘resend confirmation email’ link. I will add that to our list of todos. Thank you for taking the time to give me this feedback!

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