FTWeet.com – Your FTW vs FTL Ratio on Twitter

I just finished adding some final touches to a new app: ftweet.com. FTWeet.com is just a simple application that lets you see what your FTW (for the win) to FTL (for the loss) ratio is on twitter.com. I wanted to get a cumulative score of my overall emotional read based on how many times I used FTW and FTL (silly I know, but it was bored and it was quick to code). It’s not anything crazy but kind of neat to checkout. It uses the summize.com API and my good friend Ben Lew hooked up the sweet design.

My ratio can be found at ftweet.com/benrasmusen.

Comments (2)

  1. I’ve already told you how much I dig this, but it’s worth mentioning it again! It’s a great little app. More than anything else, I dig it because it gets the brain pumping thinking about what else can be done with summize (or, summize + twitter remote api maybe..). Well, it gets my mind going that way, anyway. Heh.

    Nice work! and major props to n0s0ap for the freakin’ AWESOME design.

  2. Hey bro, thanks for the props and mad props to you for coming up with the idea. I agree with 4fthawaiian, this is an excellent use of summize. Well done sir.

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