Simple Things in Life

Muffin & Coffee

The simple things in life. Coffee in a paper cup and a muffin in a box. This is a pumpkin muffin from Perkins (which turned out to be awesome). Since last night brought the second snow before Halloween this little snack seemed very fitting.

Today we went to the doctor again and heard the baby’s heartbeat. We have heard it before but it’s awesome to be able to hear the baby’s heart beat anytime. Next appointment is ultrasound time. I’m excited to be able to finnaly see the baby. More updates soon.

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  1. Dude, that’s awesome! I can’t imagine how awesome it must be to hear your baby’s heartbeat. Congrats my friend! And be sure to post your ultrasound pics ;).

    Oh and congrats on the muffin too. Sounds good.

  2. That’s incredible man;) another life into this world…awesome. and to have a dad that can look at life and appreciate what’s great about it…the little things. they’re what keeps us going…rock on, man:)

  3. As your traineo motivator, I think I have some obligation to give you a token comment about how bad that muffin probably is for you 🙂

    But I hope you enjoyed it. Congrats on the little bugger on the way, too.

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