Official Flag of Colorado Springs

Official Flag of Colorado Springs, CO

During a heated debate between Amber and me regarding the altitude of Colorado Springs, which came up during a heated debate about the alleged upcoming blizzard and statements about there being up to a foot of snow in areas above 6,000 ft., I stumbled accross the Wikipedia article on it. Turns out we are above 6,000 ft., 6,035 to be exact (score Amber 1 – Ben 0). Now, it’s no secret that Colorado Springs isn’t my city of choice, and there are a lot of lame things to point out about it. But, when I saw the flag I almost fell out of my chair. It looks like the work of a two year old. I thought maybe it wasn’t true (as we all know, Wikipedia does have some wrong information on occasion). So, I quickly did a google search for it. Not much turned up other than this. This site looks even less credible. So maybe it’s not true after all. I sure hope this isn’t the banner representing our city, though I wouln’t be all the surprised if it was. To quote the second site:

“The white field is intended to represent the cleanliness and health of the city; the blue border our blue skies; the shield carries the sun, of which we are justly proud; the mountains stand for Pikes Peak and on it are pictured the gold ingots of our mining industries; the green band about the shield represents the park system surrounding the city.”


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  1. hahah. oh my gosh. It’s obvious why we don’t see this thing around more. I’d be ashamed to say I live in the city that heralds that flag. *shudders*

  2. City Official 1: “So, I guess we need a flag or something.”
    City Official 2: “Well, how do we do that?”
    City Official 1: “I think Ted, from mail is a designer or whatever.”
    Ted from mail: “Yeah, yeah, I built a site about my girfriend, I could totally design a flag in MS paint.”

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