Itsy Bitsy Spiderman

From Hasbro the makers of cool toys such as Nerf comes the next Tickle-Me-Elmo sensation: Itsy Bitsy Spiderman.  I hesistated linking to it because I don’t really want to raise any more awareness for this product, but seeing as I have 3 readers and I saw this in a commercial aired during Good Morning America theres not a big chance it’s going to matter.  None the less this is quite depressing.  Why does a sweet superhero like Spiderman have to be made a sissy childrens toy that sings kid songs and dances.  I wonder who’s to blame for this sell out move.  It’s just sad, that’s all.

Itsy Bitsy Spiderman

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  1. Well, I understand the plight for sure. Spider-man: awesome. Spider-sissy: not-awesome. HOWEVER. As a good friend to two 3 year old boys, I am inclined to cheer in awe of this product. Here’s the thing, from an adults standpoint yes a hero and symbol of strength made into a childs object is bad BUT what you have to think about is the development of young minds. Spider-man in particular I LOVE that he is being communicated to shorter audiences. My wee friends just love this guy to death. And who better to love? He’s strong, he’s heroic, he’s compassionate, he’s a regular dude. All of these things these young children are subconciously aspiring to and I can’t argue with that. I think that symbols of heroism like this are GREAT for the development of little boys. However, the fact that he sings and dances flies a bit in the face of all this. So let’s see, we’re telling kids to be heroic, be strong, sing, and dance. Hmmmm not sure about that. This is a tough one. I might not disagree completely with this toy, but i don’t think i’d let anyone over the age of 3 see it.

  2. After more closely examining the product I come to this conclusion. I would not have voted for this product to be made, but I don’t think I would boycott it. Thing is, any boy who’s into spidey and grows past 3 will probably shirk it. This is for the really little tikes.

  3. Let’s face it guys, I think Spiderman sold out long ago. Back when it was just a comic, it was sweet, but is this latest commercial exploitation really that different from the plethora of movies, video games, and assorted cheap merchandise that floods our toy stores from sweatshops in Asia? It’s just a different audience that they’re targeting. I think the true hardcore authenticity of Spiderman was lost years ago.

    Also, who says that singing and dancing are antithetical to heroism and strength? 🙂

  4. @Ryan

    I agree, Spider-man is massively over commercialized but I think the heart of the character is still intact and if anything, has gotten stronger in recent years then the beginning. The themes of “with great power comes great responsability” and just the idea of a guy who has to deal with responsabilities both mundane and fantastic is a pertinent human issue. I think the movies, and alot of the comics stay strong with supporting these ideas. How many Spidey comics have you read? Sure the toys and junk don’t convey that but they spark interest in Spidey leading to the heart of the character.

    Touche on the dancing and singing thing. You’re right. Gene Kelly is one of my heroes. He could sing and dance like the bombadillo and I sure wouldn’t pick a fight with him. That dude was ripped!

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