When did craigslist.org go guetto?

This is from a recent listing for baby clothes, found by Amber:

Hello, I am cleaning out the baby items everything must go most items are new some used once or twice no good offer refused here is a list contact me if you would like to see I live in canon but will TRY TO GET to springs for those who need items delivered let me know.

Do people not spell check their listings? Or at the very least read them over before hitting submit. I once considered craigslist.org to be a techie site, but lately it seems to be more like the guetto Thrifty Nickel. Has it always been like that?

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  1. Paul,

    Excellent point! How can I forget where I live!? Thank you for pointing that out. It has renewed my faith in craigslist.org. The Best Of is great entertainment.


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