Web Standards

I have been doing a lot of reading lately on web standards.  I’m really beginning to appreciate them.  Creating web sites that comply with those standards is no longer a choice it’s a requirement for me.  Though I don’t always succeed 100% at doing this I try my best because I see value in it.  I’ve come to realize that saying web standards and semantics don’t matter is like saying punctuation and capitalization don’t matter to a writer.  If you are involved in web development you should really look into making sure you’re using web standards, doing this will be to your advantage.  Not only will the work become easier for you to maintain, but it will make sense to the next guy that has to wade through your code.  For a great article on the why as well as the how of web standards go here: How to Grok Web Standards.

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  1. Web standards seem great at first glance, but the end result of making code easier to maintain and faster to wade through is fewer billable hours, which means less money.

    I don’t even think we should have documentation on HTML, Javascript, or CSS. Think of how many hours a simple website would take! Cha-ching!

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