Guy Kawasaki on Woz

Guy Kawasaki wrote an awesome post about Steve Wozniak (Woz) that I found really interesting.  He wrote a list of items that he liked most about Woz.  It’s a short but worthwhile read if you’re interested.

  1. He knows what he is; he knows what he’s not; and he’s comfortable with both. (These are very rare qualities in Silicon Valley.)

  2. His design theory is, “Create what you want to use.”

  3. He is unwaveringly loyal to Apple.

  4. He is unwaveringly complimentary about HP.

  5. He’s proof that it can be advantageous to grow up in a less-than-rich family.

  6. He went back to school long after getting a degree was necessary for him to get ahead in the world.

  7. He taught fifth graders instead of becoming a venture
    capitalist. (Although these jobs are remarkably similar—it’s just that
    venture capitalists get paid millions of dollars, fly around in private
    jets, and expense greens fees.)

  8. He believes that your work/writing/code/design—whatever kind of
    output—is a personal reflection of your being and a window into your

  9. His idea of a cool product is much more than “I’m creating a
    niche version of MySpace using APIs and will make money with AdSense.”

  10. He’s generous to a fault.

  11. He thinks that Macintosh’s small market share is proof that it’s an elite computer.