Flipstart handheld PC – Windows Compatible

I was going through my feeds today and as I glanced over my engadget.com feed, I noticed their post on the Vulcan Flipstart handheld PC. I thought it looked a little thick for my taste, but did enjoy the ingenuity. Anyway, the post was enough for me to click on the gallery and check the Flipstart out from different angles, that is when I saw this picture, go ahead click on it, it’s worth it. Look closely, right below the center power button you will see the convenient “Ctrl-Alt-Del” button. How handy. Do they expect you to be using that command often enough to give it a dedicated button? Who knows, but I think I’ll wait for the OS X version.

P.S. Why don’t regular PC’s have this button? Why must people doomed to work on PC’s press three keys repeatedly? Why not provide a handy one button solution? It’s the least Microsoft and PC manufacturers could do for their users.

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  1. I’m confused. You berate PC manufacturers for not including a simple one-button solution immediately after complaining that Vulcan included such a solution. What do you want? 🙂

  2. What do you mean you want there to be no need for a solution? Perhaps you’re still associating Ctrl + Alt + Del with recovering from a problem, but I very rarely use it for that. Instead I use it to launch the task manager, lock my computer, change my password, etc. All of these functions can be accessed elsewhere in the OS, but it’s definitely easier to hit them up there. Are you saying you’d prefer to have to click 17 times to change your password, or 5 times to lock your computer?

    Perhaps you’re confusing Ctrl + Alt + Del with the Force Quit menu in OS X, which is brought up by hitting Option + Cmd + Esc (hmm…3 buttons).

  3. First of all, as to your last comment. It’s no secret that I’m a Mac Fanboy. I can’t stand to work on a PC and I make that pretty clear to anyone who will listen. 🙂

    Second, the whole Ctrl + Alt + Del key sequence was originally created to do a soft-reboot on a PC which would normally be needed in a situation where there was an issue (memory leaks or infinite loops). Of course it has since then become more advanced and now serves more purposes than just to deal with issues. So, perhaps my rant is no longer valid. But I think that the “three finger salute” would still be viewed by a lot of people to be a sign of there being an issue and when you spoken of is usually in a negative context (again this coming from a Mac Fanboy so clearly I’m biased).

    Third, I never have issues with any OS X native applications on my Mac, the only time I’ve had to use the Force Quit menu in OS X is when a 3rd party application stops responding (never to reboot my computer or save it from crashing completely). In the time I’ve had my computer I’ve only had to use that key combination, maybe twice, definitely fewer times than I had to use it when I worked on a PC.

    I have to admit that the “blue screen of death” has definitely less of an issue in the last few releases of Windows (which was what really gave Ctrl + Alt + Del a bad name), so I think that this post might be a bit late in coming. All I wanted to point out in this post was that I found it humorous that the computer had a button specifically for that three key combination and that I didn’t think an Apple product would have that same button if they were to create a computer like the Flipstart.

  4. I’ve had an Intel Macbook for about 2 months now and I’ve had it crash about 6 times (in the OS X equivalent of the blue screen of death, which I have yet to see in XP or Vista), and had several power supply and battery issues. Apple owns the entire hardware chain here, so why can’t they get their own stuff to play well together? On the other hand, Microsoft’s OS has to support millions of hardware configurations, and yet I’m still having fewer problems in Windows.

    Still love my Macbook, though. That’s the power of Apple. They churn out products that are really only marginally better in terms of functionality and stability, but they’re so slick and they have such good marketing that you don’t care and are willing to pony up the 40% premium anyway. Ugh.

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