Turns out I’ve been letting my self go. I know it may be hard for people to beleive, but I’ve grown a bit of a belly. So, I’ve decided that enough is enough and I need to get back in shape. Fortunately I don’t have to go it alone. I can now get back into shape ala web2.0 with traineo.com. I signed up when it was first annouced on some other site (techcrunch.com or digg.com most likely) but since then had not given it much thought. Now that I’ve got a bit of motivation to get back in shape I have picked up where I left off. Well, sort of… I actually gained 5lbs since I signed up, so I’m showing negative progress right now. But hopefully soon I’ll have it back. Wish me luck. And if you’re looking to get back in shape, check it out.


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