I acted as the lead developer for the Druva corporate website, working closely with the Creative Director to tailor the corporate site. The site is built on WordPress with a custom theme, custom post types and some custom plugins as well.

I did the bulk of the development as well as setup the development and deployment workflow.

I have engaged Ben on two very complex, high visibility WordPress implementations. He’s written custom plugins integrating 3rd party functionality (Salesforce, Marketo, and several Google products) as well as extending WP itself as a CMS. He’s helped me theme these sites as well, although I handled most of the final front end markup. He’s extremely capable, honest, and forthright. I’ve entrusted him with root level access on corporate servers, MySQL administration, to establishing dev/staging/live workflows with Capistrano to excellent effect. He’s literally had the keys to the kingdom and always delivered. As for responsive sites I’d call that a requirement rather than a question of his ability. He’ll likely steer you to treat these devices as different states of the same data set (smart) and then counsel you to rely on an established markup framework to handle the different screen resolutions (also smart.) I trust Ben. He’s awesome.

Neil Baller, Creative Director, Druva, Inc.
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