Barneys was looking to re-design their content site The Window. They wanted a fresh look, but also to make it easier on content creators to create new content, and also manage how it’s presented on the site. It was also important to drive traffic from the posts to the online store.
I worked with the content team to determine what their pain points where when creating content. After becoming familiar with their process, and seeing where improvements could be made, we worked on simplifying the process and making it easy for them to enter content, while still giving them the flexibility to be creative.
As part of the collaborate process we iterated through a few different version of the admin interface, arriving at that solution that allows them to use multiple post types along with custom fields to create their content easily. I also built a system that allows them to retrieve current product data from the online shop and use that data to link to products easily from within their content.
It was also important to make sure that they were able to track the effectiveness of their content. So we did some deep Google Analytics Event Tracking integration with their links, making sure that we were capturing all the analytics data they needed.
The success of this project hinged on working closely with the content team to understand their needs and build a bespoke solution for them. The custom theme showcases their content on any device and the admin interface allows them to easily add that content.
A fully custom responsive WordPress theme to showcase their content. A customized admin interface to allow them to craft their articles easily and lay them out in interesting ways. Deep product linking integration to increase shop traffic from the blog.
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