Fatherhood – Chapter 3

The Pediatricians

Being the responsible parents we’d like to think we are, we interviewed a pediatrician a couple months before Noah was born.  We planned on interviewing a few and then deciding which to go with.  But the first pediatrician we interviewed really aced our novice questioning and eased our concerns so we decided to not go any further and settled with her.  This would prove to be a mistake.

We reported to her as requested a few days after Noah was born.  Here is how it went.

After a bit of a wait we were taken into the examination room where we were asked questions about Noah by the attending nurse.  This was all seemed normal enough.  Being new parents and having never taken a kid to the pediatricians office before we were admittedly unprepared.  Amber has just finished feeding Noah and he was asleep in the car seat.  Since we didn’t know what to expect we had left the diaper bag in the car, after all, he was asleep and would be fine for over an hour at this point.  Right?

We were very rudely informed by the nurse that we should AlWAYS have the diaper bag with us and we had made a major mistake in not bringing it in.  She treated us like children from the start.  She was very demanding and we both got the sense that she took us for idiots and treated us a such.  I don’t mind admitting that we were new at this whole thing, but I don’t think that we needed to be treated like we couldn’t follow simple instructions.  Anyway, that set us off on the wrong foot.

Next the doctor came in.  The doctor that we had felt so confident about.  She proceeded to examine Noah.  She asked the standard questions including wether he was feeding well and we answered that yes, he was feeding well and that his impressive weight gain was further proof that he was doing fine with eating.  She then pointed out that he might have some slight tongue tie and that it could be an issue when feeding if left untreated.

Again we made it clear that he was eating fine and that we hadn’t noticed it being an issue.  She continued to insist that it WAS an issue and that we needed to take care of it immediately.  She said she knew the perfect person for the job and that THEY would make the appointment for today, because this could not wait.

I’ll admit my first thought was, what about insurance?  We don’t know if our insurance is going to cover this and we haven’t had any time to think about it.  What the heck is going on?  Obviously we want the best for our child, but this was a huge shock, especially since we weren’t having any issue with him feeding.

She insisted and sent her nurse to make the appointment.  We sat alone in the exam room for about 30 minutes waiting for her to return.  When she did return she said that we could leave, but that she still had not gotten ahold of the doctor so she would be contacting us with the appointment time once she had it.

We decided after such an experience that we wouldn’t be returning and we didn’t make another appointment.  I had taken Noah to the car.  Right as Amber was leaving the nurse caught her and gave her the details on the appointment for later that day.

Alone in the care we discussed our experience and both felt very apprehensive about the forced procedure and decided that we should take some time to think about it before we did it so we called to cancel the appointment.  Turns out the reason that the nurse gave for the procedure was that Noah was having trouble feeding.  This was the last straw and immediately called our second choice pediatrician for an appointment.

Our experience with this new pediatrician was amazing.  It was night and day!  From the start they let us go into an examination room immediately to prevent any contact with sick kids in the waiting room.  The doctor never mentioned the tongue tie and was also amazed at how well Noah was gaining wait.  And when we brought up the tongue tie she said that she would never recommend it in this situation.  She would only be concerned if Noah wasn’t gaining weight or if he was noticeably having trouble feeding.

We were relieved to have found someone that was willing to talk us through things instead of just jumping to conclusions and lying about the reasons for a procedure.  It’s hard having these kinds of experiences because it always casts doubts on future interactions with doctors.  But I’m going to be asking for a second opinion on anything that seems a bit off.

How strange to be a parent and have to make these kinds of decisions.  For the first time in my life we are responsible for someone else.   We have to make decisions for someone and some of which could be literally life and death.  It’s a daunting responsibility.  I pray that we don’t take it lightly and that we make the right decisions.

I’ll refrain from advertising our first pediatrician.  But if you’re in the Colorado Springs area and are looking for a great pediatrician check out Wee Care Pediatric.

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  1. Dang that would suck, sorry you guys had to go throught that. I fear the responsibillity that you guys are going through with all the descisions.

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