Thanks Ze Frank for the Show

Just a short year after it’s inception Ze Frank concluded his daily vidcast “the Show” on March 17th, 2007. If you haven’t seen it you should head over to the archives and spend the next couple days catching on them, you will not regret it. Since, as some of you know, the 17th of March is my birthday, I felt obligated to email Ze regarding his choice to end the show (a very sad occasion) on my birthday (a relatively happy occasion, depending on who you ask). Here it is:


I must say I have enjoyed this past year of the show. It has given me something to look forward to each day. The show’s were amazing. I know that this is going to be just one of the millions of emails you receive similar to this. But there is something I wanted to say that might be a bit original.

My birthday is on the 17th of March and I found it kind of heartless of you to end the show on my day of birth and ruin not only St. Patricks day but also my birthday from this year forward. The ending of the show will forever overshadow this once special day.

But given how much joy you spread to me and millions of other people, I really can’t be too angry for the decision you made. Thanks again for the great times!

Ben Rasmusen